Why I Write This Blog And Stop Here - 2 of 2

Trade it not Talk it! Read back the post of week ONE in this blog for soul searching if you wish to be FKLI FCPO technical trend trader.

I was an ex-trader doing open-outcry trades in CPO Futures. Since 1994 seeing myself over the past 20 years in CPO Futures trading, publishing my first book in 2009 in memory of the open outcry system of Kuala Lumpur Commodity Exchange, while my second book was published in early 2014 in memory of the learning on technical trend indicators from my seniors "Locals" as written in my first book, I wish to leave something for juniors to learn what I did learn from all my seniors by publishing the two books.

Primary objective in this blog: I believe weekly trend is the most difficult to be manipulated and technical trend traders can use it as the base in following a right trend even though they are just trading short term trades. Learn yourself by reading more technical trend trading books like New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems, The Disciplined Trader, Market Wizards, ( and my books!!! ). 

Last but not least, I wish to thank all traders who had purchased my books and followed up all the write-ups in my blogs. Remember: You still have to do your home work well if you want to be a successful technical trend trader. (Do read this blog from the beginning and you may find something useful for your trading rhythm.)

Life goes on, it is time to have another new journey of life. Bon Voyage!

Why I Write This Blog And Stop Here - 1 of 2

Since I started working on my first book in year 2004, crude palm oil futures trading through electronic trading platform had grown in big volume year after year from an average of about 2,000 contracts a day to more than 50,000 contracts a day. Open Interest 25,000 contracts had also reached 250,000 this year 2014.

Finding a niche in technical trend trading is aimed by all traders but very hard to keep doing the same thing over and over again like a set of program because traders are human. Searching high and low all types of technical trend indicators, doing data collection, back-testing historical data and real trading year after year can only build ONE successful trading methodology story! From a small trading account to a million dollar trading account need SEVEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF TRADING SUCCESS based on systematical approach using technical trend trading strategy...See the page 54 in 101indicators On Futures Trading book.

As a technical trend trader, do not follow those typical analysts or economists having lots of assumptions and hypotheses since your job is just to trade, Buy or Sell ONLY, not your duty in making comments replying to media for publication. 

Do your homework well like data collection and back-testing historical data then only Buy and Sell! Not listen to others!

FCPO FKLI 40th Week 2014 - 9 Months 1026 Ticks Profit

There is one technical trend indicator did very well in the first 9 months of this year 2014 in trading hourly short term trend trading strategy on crude palm oil futures. If you did your data collection well on the hourly data, you should be able to see the accumulated profits of 1026 ticks with only 50 stop and reverse trades being recorded in total for the 9 months period. The indicator is in page 153 of 101indicators On Futures Trading book.

Now back to weekly update: both FCPO FKLI is heading opposite direction with FCPO long 2027 FKLI short 1858 respectively. How far will the trend last? What is your expectation on the coming Friday's closing prices for both futures contracts by looking at the below chart?

FCPO FKLI weekly 1/10/2014@1216pm Wednesday

Please be reminded that the update on the weekly charts will soon be stopped publishing. has stopped, but the journey continues... for more details, click HERE.